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Fairview Heights Chamber of Commerce

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Mayor's Office

Mayor Gail D. Mitchell

On behalf of the City of Fairview Heights, we extend warm greetings and a happy welcome to you. We thank you for choosing our community in which to reside. We are proud of our city and we invite you to attend one of our many fine church's. We do offer elementary education here in the city with two public and two elementary parochial schools.

As I travel around our beautiful city each day, I see so much that has been accomplished in the past few years. Fairview Heights, Southern Illinois “Crossroads of Prosperity,” has grown and prospered so it's sometimes hard to believe that only three short decades ago we were “a wide spot in the road” between Collinsville and Belleville. Our businesses continue to flourish, our residents continue to enjoy living in one of only a handful of cities

where no property taxes exist and our children continue to grow, be nourished and excel in one of the safest communities in the region. I feel that we are fulfilling our roll as a hub for retail activity, commerce, tourism, and quality living as no other community in our area, and as we head into the 21st century, rest assured that we will continue to keep the well being of our residents first and foremost as we move ahead with our plans for the city.

Our vast array of choices in shopping, dining, sites for business, housing and recreation, coupled with the quality of our school system, truly entitles us to proudly proclaim, "We live in Fairview Heights – We've Got It All"

I would like to encourage each of you to patronize the many local businesses you will see in this directory. They are an important part of our city and certainly worthy of your business.

As mayor, my door is always open and I look forward to, and enjoy, meeting with our citizens regularly. Together, we have been successful in making Fairview Heights THE place in Southern Illinois to live, work, and play.

Vacant Mayoral Appointments - Please contact the Mayor's Office at 489-2010.

Our city government is composed of the following:

Executive Secretary
City Administrator

Gail D. Mitchell
Becky Short
Jim Snider


City Clerk Mark T. Kupsky 489-2000
Treasurer Michele Isaacson 489-2050
Ward I Aldermen

Joshua Frawley
Dennis Baricevic

Ward II Aldermen Justin Gough
Roger Lowry
Ward III Aldermen Scott Greenwald
Pat Baeske
Ward IV Aldermen Carol Warner
Linda Arnold
Ward V Aldermen
Bonnie Crosley
Denise Williams

Please call the Municipal Complex at 489-2000 to identify which ward you live in or see the Ward Map for your area.

We are also served by two Volunteer Fire Departments: Chief Doyle, 233-2121 and Chief Cadell, 397-0288.

We offer many services to our residents, such as free quarterly bulk trash pick-up, voter registration, Notary Public Services, Senior Activities, Youth Activities, and beautiful parks. Our City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Complex. We are very happy you are here, and we are here to serve.

Please call if we can be of any help.

Other Local Politicians

Senior Citizens Services
618-489-2010 (Senior Center)

The Senior Center is the place to call regarding the use of the Fairview Heights Senior Center which is located in the lower level of the main city hall building at 10025 Bunkum Road. 

The Senior Center, on those weekdays or weekday evenings when it is not being used for a senior citizens activity, is also available to Fairview Heights residents for club meetings, birthday parties, receptions or other non-business related gatherings at no charge provided that a reservation is made and approved by the Mayor's Office.  No phone reservations accepted.  The Senior Center is closed on weekends and holidays.

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Liquor Code Amendment (June 2014)

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